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Camping Tips & Tricks: What to Pack for Camping

camping tips and tricks

Don't know where to start when it comes to preparing for a camping trip? No problemo! We've got you covered.

Number one: get organized. Here we provide a checklist of what to bring for a happy, comfortable getaway. Below is a version you can print out or save on your computer.

print versionPrint Version (pdf)


____ Sneakers or hiking boots
____ Regular play clothes
____ Sandals, flip flops or crocs
____ Wool socks
____ Underwear
____ Rain jacket
____ Fleece or wool jacket
____ Pajamas
____ Bathing suits

Cooking/ Meals:

____ Plates, cups, bowls
____ Utensils
____ Small or medium sized pot
____ Large pot
____ Frying pan
____ Cutting board
____ Knives
____ Tongs
____ Spatula
____ Can opener
____ Foil (heavy duty)
____ Paper towels
____ Salt & pepper
____ Cooking oil
____ Bottle/wine opener (very important)
____ Plastic containers with lids
____ Zipper bags
____ Duct tape
____ Dishwashing soap, sponge, towel
____ 2-3 basins for dishwashing
____ Wet wipes
____ Lighter/matches
____ Multi-tool/pocket knife
____ Charcoal
____ Cook stove


____ Tent, extra pegs, hammer
____ Sleeping bag
____ Pillow
____ Air mattress or sleeping pad
____ Folding chairs
____ Tarp(s)
____ Ice chest/cooler
____ Lantern, flashlights, or headlamp
____ Extra batteries
____ Rope
____ Clothes pins
____ Garbage bags

Play Equipment:

____ Swimming towels
____ Water shoes and toys
____ Water bottles
____ Camera
____ Reading material
____ Deck of cards
____ Games
____ Day packs
____ Guidebooks and maps
____ Outdoor toys (Frisbee, kites, soccer ball,   football, badminton, whiffle ball, etc.)

Personal Items:

____ Toiletries (soap, shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, lip balm, etc)
____ Towels
____ Quarters for showers
____ Extra: shoes, socks, clothing
____ First aid kit
____ Sunscreen
____ Sunglasses
____ Insect repellant


More Camping Tips & Tricks:

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Menus & Recipes
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Here we give you some ideas of fun things to do on your next camping trip
iPhone & Android Apps
Download one of our free smart phone apps to find parks for the activities you want to do
Park Events
All summer you can attend free concerts, nature and interpretive programs in the parks, see our schedule.


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