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Vermont State Parks' Top Five: Remote Camping
Kettle Pond State Park, Groton

Tucked away in the Groton State Forest, Kettle Pond State Park is an interesting mix of group and remote camping. 

On the southern end of the lake is a group camping area consisting of five clusters of five lean-to’s (25 total) along with composting toilets and a play area.  This location is perfect for scout and school  groups or just of bunch of families who want to camp together. 

Across the lake are five remote lean-to’s and one remote tent site.  The only way to these sites is by paddling or hiking in.  Paddlers must portage from the parking area approximately a quarter mile on a trail to reach the put-in at water’s edge.  

Since the group area is not frequently used, and the quarter mile portage discourages casual paddlers, it is not unusual to find yourself alone on Kettle Pond; just you and the loons, gorgeous views and quiet woods.  If you’d rather hike into your lean-to a 3-mile trail surrounds the pond and offers campers and hikers a relaxing stroll with numerous excursions to the water.

This 104-acre pond is home to an array of fish including rainbow trout, yellow perch and small mouth bass, so make sure to bring along your fishing pole.   Reservations can be made up to eleven months in advance by calling the Vermont State Parks central reservation line at 1-888-409-7579 Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm.reservation line at 1-888-409-7579 Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm.

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