48 Salmon Hole Lane
Jamaica, VT 05343
Season: May 3 - 2nd Monday in October
Day Use Hours: 10am - official sunset
Camping Camping: 41 tent/RV sites, 18 lean-to sites
Pets Pets are permitted throughout the park but are not allowed at the Salmon Hole swimming area. Please clean up after your pets.

Park Updates & Alerts

  • The West River Trail is open up to the viewing platform at The Dumplings. The remainder of the trail to Cobb Brook is CLOSED until further notice, due to damage from the July flood.
  • Firewood is not to be brought to parks from out of state UNLESS the wood is packaged, labeled as having been heat treated, and certified by USDA or the appropriate state department of agriculture. For more info, click here.
  • The weight limit on the Depot Street Bridge leading into the park has a weight limit of 8 tons with no exceptions. Please be sure the total weight of your vehicle and RV does not exceed the limit.
From Jamaica:
Go 1/2 mile east on Depot St.

The weight limit for the town's bridge leading into the park has been downgraded to 8 tons. Be sure to check the weight of your RV or trailer unit!
Camping Camping: There are 41 tent/RV sites and 18 lean-to sites at the park.
Hiking Hiking: Over 5 miles of maintained hiking trails.
Swimming Swimming: There is swimming at the Salmon Hole in the West River.
Boating Boating: Boats and rafts are welcome, though there is no boat launch at the park.
Fishing Fishing: The West River is home to trout and small mouth bass.
Picnicking Picnicking: Lots of great picnicking spots by the river. There is also a picnic pavilion that is available to rent for group functions.
Mountain Biking Mountain Biking: Mountain biking is permitted on some of the trails at the park. Additionally, Mt. Snow's bike park is a half-hour drive.
Horseshoes Horseshoes: There is a horseshoe pit at the park.
Volleyball Volleyball: There is a volleyball net in the day use field.
Nature Program Nature Programs: This park offers nature programs. Please call the park directly for more information.


Cooling off in the West River
Cooling off in the West River
Park of the Year

Jamaica State Park, now comprising 772 acres, was completed and opened to the public in 1969.

Previously, the area had supported a few small farms and a sawmill. The West River Railroad ran through what is now the state park. The old railroad bed is now used as the trail that leads along the West River to Ball Mountain Dam. The railroad operated from about 1879 until 1927, when a flood wiped most of it out.

Jamaica State Park is located on a bend of the West River about one-half mile from the center of the town of Jamaica on the Salmon Hole of the West River. Two and a half miles upstream via the West River Trail is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ball Mountain Dam Project. Hamilton Falls State Natural Area, which includes one of Vermont’s largest waterfalls, is a popular spot to hike. It can be reached via a 3-mile (one-way) hike from the campground. Please keep in mind that the State Natural Area is protected land – please stay on marked trails and leave only footprints. Swimming at Hamilton Falls is very dangerous and not recommended. There are strong currents and slippery rocks. Please do not attempt to access the middle pool as there is no safe entry or exit. More than 12 people have died at this site as a result of injury from attempting access or exiting the upper and middle pools.

The West River is also a favorite spot for many fishermen. The combination of deep slow running water and shallow fast ripples makes for some fine fishing.

Facilities / Amenities

Jamaica State Park pavilion and nature center
The pavilion and nature center

There are 41 tent/RV sites and 18 lean-to sites that are spread throughout the campground. There are two restrooms with flush toilets, hot and cold running water and coin-operated hot showers. A picnic shelter for campers and a small nature center are located near the picnic area and swimming hole. A hiking trail follows the West River and branches off toward Hamilton Falls.

White water release

Whitewater kayaking
Whitewater kayaking at the white water release

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers typically schedules water releases from the Ball Mountain Dam for recreational paddling on the West River twice a year. The controlled releases make for great whitewater paddling. Jamaica State Park is the center of paddling activity and weekend camping.

The 2024 spring release has been confirmed for May 4 - 5, 2024. The 2024 fall release has been confirmed for September 21 - 22, 2024.

We are accepting a 2-night minimum camping reservations for the May weekend and 3-night minimum camping reservations for the September weekend. There is a maximum of one campsite reserved per customer, two vehicles per campsite and a maximum of 8 occupants per site. Campsites must be vacated by 11am or you can extend your reservation by an additional night. Reservation holders are responsible for all occupants and activity on their campsite and must provide park management with a list of occupants prior to the event. Campsites may not be pooled and re-sold per FPR License and Special Use Permit rules. Reservations can be made by directly contacting our Reservation Call Center only (no online reservations for the special paddling weekends) 11 months prior to the reservation date.

Due to an active landslide on the West River Trail, the shuttle will not be in operation for foreseeable dam releases. Paddlers are unable to walk their boats down the trail and will have to organize their own vehicle shuttles to the start of the paddle.

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