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Nathan Mckeen, Director of State Parks
Nate McKeen, Director of State Parks

The Division of Vermont State Parks

The State Parks and Outdoor Recreation Division provides outdoor recreation facilities, primarily through Vermont’s very popular state parks. The Division manages 55 developed state parks each offering high-quality opportunities for outdoor recreation compatible with the conservation of Vermont’s natural resources and aesthetics. Vermont State Parks provides environmental education and information and supports the economies and values of local communities. Additionally, state parks promote, operate, and maintain a large and complex system of conserved lands, as well as both historic and modern facilities that are enjoyed by over half a million visitors every year. We work towards ensuring a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place for our staff, volunteers, and visitors.

Our mission: ...to conserve and interpret on behalf of the people of Vermont their natural, cultural, historic, and scenic heritage, and while so doing, to provide recreational opportunities and economic benefit. The emphasis in this dual role should be provided only within the ability of the natural and cultural resources to support the activity.

Danielle Fitzko, Commissioner
Danielle Fitzko, Commissioner

The Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation

Vermont State Parks is a division of the Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation. In addition to managing state parks, the department also consists of:

  • The Forestry Division: The Forestry Division coordinates the planning and implementation of all stewardship activities on more than 350,000 acres of state-owned forest land. The division also provides assistance to private landowners and administers through the Use Value Appraisal Program on private lands. Department staff monitor forest health, promote the forest product industry in Vermont, and assist municipalities with shade tree planning, planting and care.
  • The State Lands Administration and Recreation Division: conducts land acquisitions for the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), coordinates long-range management planning for ANR lands, and updates Vermont’s comprehensive outdoor recreation plan. The Division is responsible for the following ANR land services: property surveys, boundary and deed research, producing maps, maintaining property records, and administering leases and licenses for any special uses. In addition, the division protects and enhances Vermont's world-class outdoor recreation opportunities, including recreation activities on state lands and administering many outdoor recreation grants.
  • The Administration Division: The Administration Division supports the other divisions with oversight, direction and coordination of policy, legal, contractual and financial operations. It supports the information and education functions through print and electronic communications, processes and maintains records for accounts and budgets, and oversees the Vermont Recreation Trails Grant Program and the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Program.

Our mission: ...to practice and encourage high quality stewardship of Vermont’s environment.

Julie Moore, Secretary
Julie Moore, Secretary

The Agency of Natural Resources

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is charged with oversight and management of Vermont's natural environment on behalf of the people of Vermont. We endeavor to draw from and build upon Vermonters' shared ethic of responsibility for our natural environment, an ethic that encompasses a sense of place, community and quality of life, and an understanding that we are an integral part of the environment, and that we must all be responsible stewards for this and future generations.

In addition to Forests, Parks and Rec., the agency also consists of:

  • The Department of Environmental Conservation: DEC's mission is to preserve, enhance, restore and conserve Vermont's natural resources, and protect human health as it relates to the larger environment. Through its programs, the DEC manages water and air quality, regulates solid and hazardous wastes, and administers a number of pollution and waste reduction programs.
  • The Department of Fish & Wildlife: F&W conserves Vermont's fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for Vermonters to enjoy. The department includes over 125 biologists, game wardens, educational coordinators and support staff committed to five divisions: Fisheries, Wildlife, Law Enforcement, Outreach and Administration.

Our mission: ...to protect sustain and enhance Vermont’s natural resources for the benefit of this and future generations.

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